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Tips for a family friendly paint job

Family friendly paint jobWhen you have children in the house chances are your walls will need a paint job more often than others. Whether it’s decorating the nursery for a new arrival, getting rid of your little picasso’s scribbles or changing the theme as they grow older: Painting with and for children requires special planning and attention. We have compiled a list of things to help you make sure that everyone stays safe while the job is underway, and that everyone is happy with the result.

First things first. Safety is paramount when you’re planning on painting your children’s room or when you have children around while you paint. Paint fumes are not only potent and can cause dizziness. Some ingredients can also be harmful to little and big humans alike.

Choosing “healthy” paints

According to the New Zealand Asthma and Respiratory Foundation paint and paint fumes are common triggers for asthma attacks. You can minimise the risk for your children by painting when they are not around – and by choosing paints that are low in fumes.

Some manufacturers are making a conscious effort in reducing the impact of their products on the environment and on the health of their consumers. We use Resene and Dulux for all our paint jobs. Both companies produce high quality products, their paints are hardwearing, washable and durable and are endorsed by Environmental Choice New Zealand for being eco-friendly due to a low amount of fumes.

Using these products for your interior walls will give you peace of mind that the risk to your family’s health is minimised and that you can enjoy your newly decorated areas quicker. Furthermore, Resene’s KidzColour range offers more than 72 hues and designs that your children are simply going to fall in love with. For older children you can add valuable learning space by applying magnetic or blackboard paint, both enabling your little artists to explore their creativity in a safe and controlled manner.

Prepping the job site

With the wellbeing of your children in mind, there are a few simple rules to follow before you get started. If you can, it is best to organize a babysitter or arrange for your little ones to stay with friends or family while you are painting. It will minimise their exposure to fumes and paints and will also help you avoid making a bigger mess than necessary.

If there is absolutely no other option and your kids will be around on the day, ensure that all equipment, paint pots and other tools are out of reach. Don’t use kitchen items such as cups for mixing paints as your little ones might be likely to take a sip. Also, be aware of safety hazards such as ladders, stools or slippery paint on the floor. Have a fan ready to keep the air fresh and ventilated.

Check all walls and corners for mould. If you find any, remove it properly before you start painting. Covering it with a slab of paint is not going to make the mould go away. Instead it will sooner or later eat its way through and make your paint start to peel off. Paints like the Dulux Wash&Wear range are specifically developed to resist the growth of bacteria and mould, reducing the risk of common asthma triggers.

Storing the leftovers

If you’re painting over a period of days make sure you store all leftover paint pots, brushes and other tools and equipment in a safe place out of your children’s reach. Remember, they are curious by nature and probably itching to give you a hand or explore on their own.

The same goes for when the job is done. Remove any hazards, give the area you were working in a good clean and ensure that all paints are completely dry before allowing your children back in for a play.

"We paint all surfaces with the correct Dulux & Resene paint system following the manufacturer's specification."