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Colour Trends for 2019

Mondrian Blue

Bold and colourful, rich and radical will set a statement and let your inner creativity shine

My home is my castle, the saying goes. In a world that becomes ever so busy, our home provides more than just shelter and warmth. It’s a place where you can come back to and relax, blend out the noise from the daily hustle and bustle and find your inner peace. Having the right colours can certainly help create your happy place, and the colour trends for 2019 are all about focusing on what really matters.

Reconnecting with Nature

Going eco-friendly, being more aware of our wellbeing and focusing on ourselves are slogans that are also being reflected in current colour trends. A couple of years ago a shift started from cool to warmer colours and this continues for the coming season. 2019 is all about warmth and natural contrasts.

Paint manufacturers are providing their customers with a palette of rich earthy hues such as greys, blues and reddish browns to help accentuate finer details around their homes and create cosy spaces. Set a homely and relaxed atmosphere with the Dulux Cinnamon Sand or Beggar while Auburn Flair and Plasticine can help your more neutral furniture details to shine. Or try Dulux Sea Creature paired with China White and Cobbler for an uplifting mood.

A velvety sensation

Velvet is also a becoming a popular choice with rich tones such as chestnut, deep blues and merlots. With most interior walls still being painted in whites and other neutral colours, having one contrasted wall will really bring out the character of your house. Rich and bold hues such as Dulux Federation Brown and Resene Red Berry can be a powerful decoration tool.

Another beautiful way to make a statement is using those deep, rich colours on cabinets, shelves and cupboards that otherwise are surrounded by white. It will create a stunning look without being too overpowering.

Remaining neutral

If you prefer white and neutral colours you can’t go wrong, either. This trend has been around for a while and won’t go anywhere anytime soon. Keeping your walls light and warm continues to be a dominant theme in 2019, which nuances being set by using deeper, bolder colours in fabrics or wall arts.

Keeping colours light and subtle is also the perfect way to nurture your soul, create a calm and relaxing atmosphere and return to your inner self, without being distracted by too much fuss and detail. Soothing palettes such as Dulux Ecru or Resene Rice Cake will help your mind switch off visually and mentally.

Bold and radical

2019 is all about what really matters. And what really matters is you. Colour trends for the upcoming season will not help you relax, but express your true identity and show the world what you’re made of. Bold and colourful, rich and radical will set a statement and let your inner creativity shine. Show off your quirkiness with Dulux Golden Sand or Resene Glamour Puss or add a touch of optimism with Dulux Sunbird Orange.

As with the other colour trends of the season, you don’t need to go completely overboard. Instead, use hues such as Dulux Red Clown or Mondrian Blue to accentuate your home bit by bit and make those little features around the house stand out.

On a side note

While not a big favourite with everyone, creamy pastels also continue to appear in the colour forecast for next year. Again, these tend to be deeper and richer to help set nuances. 2019 is all about colour combinations. Use those paler notes such as Dulux Apricot Fool or Resene Negroni and contrast them with deeper colours such as Dulux Strong Strawberry or Resene Burnt Crimson to reflect who you really are.

Happy decorating!

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