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Choosing the right roof colour

Roof Colour

Whether you’re building a new house or whether your current roof just needs a new paint job. Finding the right colour can be a daunting process. You will want something that complements the overall look and design of your house, somewhat matches the exterior walls and doesn’t blow a massive hole in your budget.

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Whatever you choose, it’s a decision you shouldn’t make in a haste, as you quite likely have to live with it for the next 20 or 30 years. So what should you consider when choosing a roof colour? There are some important aspects to consider.

Roof types

Having a corrugated iron roof will give you freedom of choice when it comes to colouring because the range of available paints is sheer endless. The Resene Roof Colour System Chart is a good place to start.

If you are going for tiles, make sure you view colour samples in shady and sunny areas. It’s amazing how much a colour can change with different light quality. With tiles, you also have the option of going single or multi-coloured. Roofing experts can help you pick colours that best complement the design of your house.

If you have a brick house it pays to take a good look at their colours and shading as this is a permanent fixture. Choosing a roof colour that matches the colour of your bricks will add a nice finish to the overall look of your house.

Dark vs light colours

The biggest difference when it comes to shades of colour is in the amount of heat your roof will absorb, ultimately impacting on your internal temperature (Link: ). Darker colours absorb more heat, meaning the rooms below will often be a lot warmer. This can save you money on heating systems in winter, but it also means that in summertime the inside temperature can become quite unbearable.

Lighter colours, however, are better for reflecting heat, which means in summer it’s nice and cool inside and your air conditioner won’t have to work as hard. Depending on your climate, it’s worthwhile considering which option can help you save more money on electricity. Lighter roofs are usually the better option for warmer climates.

House exterior

When choosing your roof colour you should look for something that complements the outside of your house, but don’t go for an exact match. Having different shades or colours is what makes your home unique, can add contrast or blend in nicely. Going or exactly the same colour scheme, however, will only create a dull, monotone and boring look. Looking at the colour of your gutter, downpipes and fascia is also important. Usually, your gutter will be the same colour as your roof, while the joinery will benefit from light to neutral colours.

Here are a few more tips to assist you when choosing a roof colour.

Budget. Rule out all roofing materials and colours that are outside your financial comfort zone.

Samples. Big warehouses like Mitre10 or Bunnings will have a range of colour samples for you take home and match against the rest of your house. Don’t use brochures as they won’t be as reliable.

Examples. Nothing will give you a better idea of what a roof colour will look like than the ‘real thing’. Ask a roofing expert to show you roofs with your preferred colours in the neighbourhood.

For more support you can check out the free Resene EzyPaint virtual painting software . It’s an innovative 3D visualisation tool, compatible with Mac and PC, that lets you see the finished result before you even started decorating. Match and combine all you like, until you have found a colour combination that you’re happy with.

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