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house painters north shoreThe paint on the exterior of your North Shore home or commercial building is what protects this valuable asset.

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It is essential to ensure that the paint job is done to the highest standards. The most important thing is the preparation of the surfaces. If the paint later fails, it is almost always because the preparation was rushed and not finished properly. At Andrew & Mason Albany painters, we make it our mission to prepare the surfaces to a high standard to make sure that your paint job lasts. We are often asked if spraying or brushing is better but if the house is poorly prepared, any paint will fall off, no matter how it is applied! If preparation is a priority, it will last for years.

How we prepare an exterior paint surface:

1) Waterblasting or washing depending on the surface
2) Preparation as required
3) Filling of holes, gaps and cracks.
4) Using Dulux or Resene premium paints, cover the surface to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Painting Workmanship

We ensure that our work is completed to the highest standards. We only use premium Resene or Dulux products that are used in line with manufacturers specifications. We will discuss any changes with you.

How we work on-site

The worksite is kept tidy for the duration of our work and our staff will talk with you about any issues regarding cleaning of brushes or equipment. Painting jobs normally takes around a fortnight.

"We paint all surfaces with the correct Dulux & Resene paint system following the manufacturer's specification."